The Joyful Living Toolbox – Inspiration & Positivity


If you’re stuck in the woe-is-me rut because life has dealt you one too many challenges to overcome, go check out Wendy Wallace’s Toolkit full of inspiration and positivity.

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This isn’t your ordinary gratitude journaling kit.  After years of trying to overcome every challenge all by herself, she’s found there are 3 key elements to focus on every day that will help you get back to feeling like yourself in no time at all.

? Gratitude

? Faith & Prayer

? Kindness to others

Which is why the Joyful Living Toolbox is geared toward making that easier, saving you time by putting all the tools that you need in one handy place, at your fingertips.

It gives you the tools that will help you to…

? Grow your faith

? Increase your gratitude (so that the blessings are bigger than the obstacles)

? And serve others through kindness

All of this resulting in a positive mindset that will help you tackle any challenge to create a beautiful life filled with greater contentment and joy.

Face your struggles with faith, optimism, and hope.


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