Choosing Confidence Bible Study Intensive


What do you feel when you look in the mirror? What about in a group? Or when you see a status update from “those” gals? Tired of Being Marginalized by Insecurity? The Word of God is sufficient… even for that.

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  • NEW P.R.O.S.P.E.R. Bible Method Method

This Bible study incorporates the PROSPER Bible Study Method so you actually have a template for studying God’s word. The PROSPER method is based on Psalm 1:3 and James 1:22-25. It’s been carefully developed to help you identify small actions that lead to godly habits. We have no lack of Bible information in our culture; however, we have a huge dearth of Bible implementation. One of the main goals for our PROSPER Bible study is genuine life transformation via implementation. We can’t wait to share this method with you!

  • 4 Weekly Video Teachings 

 I (Arabah Joy) provide weekly “deep dive” teachings to accompany each week’s study. These iron-sharpening-iron teachings will encourage you to dig deep into the Scriptures, discover practical applications, and be a springboard for your own Bible discoveries.

  • Digital Bible Study Workbook

Our Bible Study workbook walks you step-by-step through each day’s Bible study using the PROSPER method. This interactive guide will daily provide a powerful structure for your time in God’s word and teach you how to mine the Scriptures for yourself.



The shocking truth about insecurity

This week, you’ll look at the life of Jeroboam and see how his great potential was ruined because of fear and insecurity. 

By the end of Week One, you will:

  • Understand the de-railing and demoralizing dangers of insecurity
  • Identify the root causes of insecurity
  • Begin to recognize the areas where you are susceptible to insecurity
  • Learn the #1 key to combating insecurity…straight from the Scriptures



The 3 Types of Insecurity

This week you’ll pull back the curtain on the life of Moses to unveil the 3 most common types of insecurity. 

By the end of week two you will:

  • Understand the most common types of insecurity. 
  • Learn how God advised Moses… and how he moved past his insecurities 
  • See insecurity the way God sees it 
  • Be encouraged that insecurity does NOT have to define you
  • Quite possibly, start calling your insecurity by a different name



Owning Your Calling and Purpose

Looking at the life of Saul, you’ll dive deep into the amazing roles and purposes God has placed before you and together, we’ll make a committment to not allow insecurity to stand in the way of fulfilling those wonderful callings on our lives.

By the end of week three you will:

  • Grow in appreciation for God’s purposes for your life  
  • Finally, verbalize to someone else the calling He has placed before you. 
  • Be challenged to fully embrace and confidently step into the role He is leading you to. 
  • Join with the sisterhood to “just say no” to insecurity.



Becoming a Confident Person

We’ll wrap up with a look at Joshua, a man of courage and faith. What are the characteristics and learned skills of a confident person? We’ll find out together! 

By the end of Week Four you will:

  • Learn how to choose confidence 
  • Identify the pivots you need to make to step into God’s purposes
  • Know the building blocks for developing confidence, both internal and external


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