Custom War Binder for a Powerful Prayer Life


Warrior Women: Creating a Custom War Binder for a Powerful Prayer Life How to create a custom war binder for a powerful prayer life including dozens of printables to customize your binder for your walk with God.

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If you aren’t familiar with the term “war binder”, a war binder, also known as a faith journal, or prayer journal is essentially a binder or notebook with multiple sections that you use to document your walk with God.

What if I told you that you…

  • Learn to create your own AMAZING War Binder with just a few supplies and this package in less than an hour?
  • Could customize your War Binder to exactly your needs and wants? (no off the shelf and have to live with it for you.
  • Could have your own War room in a binder to cultivate a powerful prayer life?

Warrior Women: Creating a Custom War Binder for a Powerful Prayer Life includes:

  • Over 50 printables to customize the perfect war binder for you
  • Three styles of calendars to match your style and preference
  • 11 videos guiding you through everything from what a war binder is to creating tabs and dividers (even using a Traveler’s Notebook or a Faith Happy Planner as a war binder!)
  • Walkthrough of several different styles of war binders to find what suits you best
  • Bonus videos to be added with advanced techniques and creative methods


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