Love the Word Bible Study Binder


Organize your quiet time or use as a keepsake memento of your time studying God’s Word, a DIY Bible notebook is a practical resource for Born-again followers of Jesus Christ.

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1. At the front of the notebook, clip in the pencil pouch and fill it with writing utensils.  It’s handy to have an assortment of pens, pencils, high lighters, and colored pencils available when you study God’s Word.

2. Use the prayer request section to track prayer requests, rejoice over praises, and even write out your own prayers.  It’s a gift to be able to reflect on what God has done and how He changes lives through prayer!

3. In the favorite Scripture tab, write down verses that speak to you as you are studying. When the hard times come, these verses will anchor your soul and keep you rooted in God’s Truth. What a blessing to have your favorite verses compiled in one place for easy reference!

4. As you dive into God’s Word through Bible study, use the Bible study section as a place to store all of your notes.  At the end of each month, you can move all your study notes to the appropriate month as a record of all you’ve learned! You may wish to incorporate the following study methods if you are looking for tips on how to study the Bible:

  • Word Studies
  • Topical studies
  • Verse mapping
  • Write the Word
  • Chapter study
  • Summarizing the Scriptures

5. Then, each time you attend church or listen to a sermon, take notes, and add it to the Sermon Notes section of your notebook.  This will help you retain the message and remember the Good News that was shared.

6. Use the final section to illustrate a favorite verse, worship song, or phrase God has laid on your heart. You don’t have to be an artist or even have solid drawing skills to worship the Lord through artistic creation.  Plus, these doodles make a special keepsake as you recall certain times in your life.


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