Praying the Promises for Your Children


Do you fight for your kids? I’m not talking about fighting with the teacher, the legal system, or with other parents, I’m talking about fighting on your knees.

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This Resource Kit includes:

  • Beautiful 32 page PDF
  • 40 scriptures to pray
  • Daily prayer cards (set of 40, with Scriptures and prayers)
  • 4 Printable journal pages
  • 7 inspiring videos from these other moms to encourage you during your journey: Melanie Redd, Amanda Criss, Arabah Joy, Valerie Murray, Rosilind Jukic, and Jennifer Walker
  • Instructions on exactly HOW to pray Scripture for your kids

You don’t need to wait another day to start praying over your children! This toolkit includes everything you need to start right away.


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